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ACL Protocol, Assessment, and Training at Excel Sports and PT

ACL, three little letters that are notorious in the sports world. In the United States alone there are over 400,00 ACL repair procedures each year. Once you tear the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee your world will change forever. You will feel angry, upset, and nervous about what the future holds for you. Why […]

Do you want to be an Athletic Trainer?

Excel Sports and Physical Therapy and Lindenwood University Athletic Training Program is hosting a FREE CLINIC on November 14, 2015 at Lindenwood University. Please see attached flyer! Contact Anna Rozanski, MS, ATC/LAT 2015 Flyer CampusMap (1)

‘Fall’ Prevention

The seasons are once again changing. Many people I talk with tell me this is their favorite season. Even if it is not, the cool weather, spectacle of changing leaves, and all the smells that accompany autumn have to make you smile. As the leaves begin to fall, everyone needs to take special precaution not […]

The Difference Between Manual Therapy and Chiropractic

Many neck and back patients can benefit from manual therapy to their spine. A common question that arises is “What is the difference between manual therapy and chiropractic care?” While the patient may perceive many similarities, they are rooted in very different philosophies. Most manual therapy is based on Osteopathic theories which focus on proper […]

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy and BPPV

Have you ever felt the space around you spin uncontrollably?  Have you had difficulty with balance and walking because of dizziness?  If so, vestibular therapy may be the right path for you.  As your physician will tell you, there are multiple causes of vertigo. It can be caused by something as simple as an ear […]