After breaking my clavicle and having surgery on it I was given an overwhelming amount of options for physical therapy businesses and locations by my doctor. I ended up choosing this Excel Sports PT and was very happy that I did so. Friendly staff and my physical therapist was great. 10/10 would break a bone and go there again.

-Logan Gnade

In September 2010, after Open Reduction and Internal Rotation of my right dominant hand, I was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). The pain, suffering and numbness I experienced was intolerable. After multiple trips to specialty surgeons and pain management physicians, I received seven sympathetic nerve blocks for the pain. I was referred to Excel Physical Therapy and the professional care I experienced exceeded my expectations. The daily pain control I received made me feel as if I could survive this excruciating ordeal. Chuck McDonnell, Director of the St. Peters location, assisted me through this healing process. I would refer anyone to Excel Physical Therapy for any injury sustained.

-Anthony Fall

Why am I coming to Excel for my Physical Therapy? The answer is simple: I’m a repeat Customer! I’m coming back because of the staff, their experience, their friendliness, their knowledge and just as importantly, their concern for my scheduling around my business and family duties. I will even be coming back for a second round of strength training, now that I have both shoulders repaired. I feel at home at Excel and like being treated as an individual, not just there to complete my physical therapy time. I also like the fact that Excel takes the time to work with our young athletes in the community.
I highly recommend Excel to anyone, young or old.

-Dale Maxwell

Playing football takes strength, coordination, flexibility, and speed. Excel Sports helped make me take my game to the next level. I increased my bench press from 266 pounds to 321 pounds, and my leg press from 220 pounds to 583 pounds. I added 5.5 inches to my vertical leap, and increased my speed in the shuttle run from 6.7 seconds to 5.6. That’s why I tell all my teammates about Excel Sports.

-Ryan T. Age 18

I have been a gymnast for five years. When I found out I had to go to physical therapy for my knee pain, I was sad. But, I was lucky enough to go to Excel Sports. Everyone there is awesome including my therapist. They made my knees strong really fast. I recently attended a gymnastic meet and medalled in every event and even took first place all around. Thank you to all my friends at Excel.

-Kara G. Age 10

I am a 17 year old football player at Fort Zumwalt South. Excel helped me bring my game to the next level. In just 3 months I increased my squat from 380 to 450, my bench from 290 to 350, my power clean from 240 to 275. Excel brought my 40 time down from a 4.64 to a 4.46, and increased my vertical from a 25 ½ inches to 29 inches. Are you ready to step your game up to the next level?

-Corey Baldwin

I went to Excel Sports to improve my track and field skills. After eight weeks, I added two inches to my vertical jump, cut 1.25 seconds off my shuttle run, increased my upper body strength (bench press) from 115 pounds to 160 pounds, and increased my lower body strength (leg press) from 145 pounds to 285 pounds. The people at Excel really understood the needs of my sport.

-Nicole M. Age 17