3 reasons you should urge your injured spouse to go to PT

Injured Spouse

If your spouse is injured, you might be their most prominent advocate. You may be the one going with them to their doctor’s appointments, asking questions and taking notes. But what happens when the doctor says that surgery isn’t needed, but physical therapy is?

If you have a spouse who has recently suffered an injury, you might feel like it is your duty to care for them on your own. However, you don’t have to take on their healing process all alone. There are many benefits to encouraging your spouse to go to physical therapy..

You and your spouse might hesitate to begin what could be a prolonged program of physical therapy. What about work? What about the kids? What if PT doesn’t work? These are all questions that you might ask yourselves. Yet there are multiple reasons you should encourage your spouse to go to physical therapy. 

Here are just a few:

  1. PT increases strength and mobilityPhysical therapists specialize in helping people regain their mobility and strength after severe injuries. Often, they can help people return to the activities they love, even if they were told it would be impossible.
  1. PT improves overall well-being — PT helps patients stay active, promoting overall health and well-being and recovery from injury or illness. Regular exercise can reduce stress levels and anxiety while improving mobility and flexibility throughout the body — not just where wounds have healed.
  1. It may help them get back to work faster — Injuries can be very costly because of lost days of employment and income, not to mention insurance expenses. To minimize those costs and return to normal activities as quickly as possible, your injured spouse must get into physical therapy as soon as possible.


By going to physical therapy, your injured spouse may be able to recover faster, and they will put much less strain on themselves. In other words, they may be less likely to suffer any long-term effects from their current injury. You’ll also gain the help of a dedicated physical therapist, so you won’t have to care for your spouse with no help.

Excel PT can help your injured spouse recover and get back to daily life

If you have an injured spouse suffering from ongoing pain, contact us. Excel Sports & Physical Therapy can provide a one-on-one consultation and a full assessment. Our physical therapists are also skilled and committed to your spouse’s recovery process.