4 reasons physical therapy clinics are the top places to find manual therapy near you

Manual Physical Therapy Near Me

Injuries, chronic conditions, stress and overuse can often leave your muscles and joints aching. While many people reach for over-the-counter pain medication for relief, medication can only relieve pain temporarily. If you are seeking long-term relief from pain, have you considered giving physical therapy a try? Physical therapists are specialists who are trained to diagnose and treat many causes of pain without the use of medication. 

Physical therapy is proven to be an effective and safe form of treatment for those recovering from injuries or suffering from conditions that cause pain and lack of mobility. Therapists use a number of techniques to help patients find relief. Manual physical therapy is one of the most well-known methods that a physical therapist can use to provide treatment. 

What is manual physical therapy?

During manual therapy, a physical therapist uses their hands or special instruments to manipulate areas of the body that are sore and stiff. The application of pressure to these areas helps to reduce pain and restore lost mobility. Joint mobilization and soft tissue mobilization are two of the most common manual therapy methods.

Why should I go to a physical therapy clinic for manual therapy?

Manual physical therapy should be practiced by licensed physical therapists. While some of the benefits of manual therapy can be achieved through exercise, physical therapists are trained to treat your pain at its source. Here are four reasons you should head to your nearest physical therapy clinic for manual therapy:

  1. Muscle pain relief — Muscle pain is a common complaint that can be treated with manual therapy. A physical therapist can manipulate the soft tissue of the body to increase circulation in the area and loosen tense muscles. This helps to provide immediate pain relief to muscles that are sore and stiff.
  1. Improved mobility — Many injuries and conditions can limit your mobility, which prevents you from performing everyday tasks. Manual therapy can improve your mobility by loosening stiff muscles and breaking up scar tissue underneath the skin.
  1. Joint pain relief — Manual therapy can also be used to help stiff and painful joints. Joint mobilization is a method of manual therapy that helps joints to regain their full range of motion. A therapist will apply pressure and direct movements to the joint to help patients who cannot move their joints on their own.
  1. Comprehensive care — Manual therapy is one of many techniques that a physical therapist can use to treat pain. A physical therapy clinic can provide you with holistic care for your injury or condition. 

Where should I turn for a physical therapy clinic near me? 

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