A reason to consider occupational therapy in St. Charles, MO

A Reason to Use Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a type of physical therapy with many different applications. Many people think that this type of therapy is only for recovery from a work injury. However, there’s a physical therapy team near you that uses this type of treatment for so much more.

Our team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy has been working with people in St. Charles, Missouri for more than 34 years. One of the most helpful services we offer is occupational therapy, which can help you do so much more than just recover from a work-related injury. One reason you should consider occupational therapy from our St. Charles, Missouri team is it can help you with work hardening services, as well.

What does our team mean by “work hardening?”

Work hardening is just one of the aspects of occupational therapy at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy. This aspect is combined with work injury recovery to form the basis of our work-related therapy services. Work hardening takes your injury recovery a step further. The goal of this type of therapy is to get you back in shape for work after your injury is healed. This will make it easier to return to the job you had before you were injured. 

Also, work hardening therapy programs are designed to help you prevent future work injuries.

How does our team do work hardening therapy?

Work hardening occupational therapy plans at our St. Charles, Missouri office are founded on evidence-based physical therapy methods. What this means is that we take what’s worked for other people we’ve treated, and we put it to work for you. Our team will do all we can to help you find the methods that’ll get you in tip-top shape for work. Some of the methods that our team may recommend in your work hardening therapy plan include:

  • Electrical stimulation treatments
  • Therapeutic exercises and stretches
  • Periods of aerobic exercise
  • Dry needling treatments

In addition to these techniques, we’ll simulate tasks you did at work and have you practice them. This will help you find the best way to perform these tasks before you go back to work. Knowing how to do your work tasks in ways that won’t injure you is probably the greatest benefit offered by our work hardening therapy programs.

Our team is ready to help you get started with occupational therapy. All you have to do is contact the Excel Sports and Physical Therapy office at 2454 W. Clay St. in St. Charles, Missouri to schedule your therapy sessions today.