ACL Injuries: How Therapeutic Massage May Benefit Your Recovery

Therapeutic Knee Massage

Although you may not know it, therapeutic massage can be performed by a physical therapist to help treat ACL injuries.

Indeed, this physical therapy technique may provide many benefits that may reduce the length of your recovery process. An ACL injury occurs when the ligament in the knee is damaged, often during sports or activity.

If left untreated, an ACL tear rarely heals on its own. Some severe cases of ACL injury require surgery to treat. But, if you see a physical therapist in time, you may be able to avoid surgery and get back to your active lifestyle faster.

At Excel Physical Therapy, we specialize in treating ACL injuries and other sports-related injuries. Our therapists have been assisting people like you with their physical therapy needs in the greater St Louis, Missouri area for more than 30 years.

One of the most common techniques that we use to treat an ACL tear is massage therapy. While this is not the only technique we use, it does help patients recover faster when paired with our physical therapy program.

Benefits of therapeutic massage for your ACL injury

Therapeutic massage may not be something you associate with your ACL injury recovery or with physical therapy at all. However, our Excel Sports and Physical Therapy team is certified to use therapeutic massage to help you recover from ACL issues and other injuries.

During a therapeutic massage, a physical therapist will target specific muscles, joints, tendons and other body structures to help relax them. Once the muscles are relaxed, we can begin to restore the proper alignment and flexibility.

Therapeutic massage has several benefits, including:

  • Reducing your levels of pain without pain-relieving medication
  • Improving your blood circulation
  • Accelerating the healing process in your injured area
  • Reducing swelling and inflammation in and around your injury
  • Lowering the amount of scar tissue that forms at the site of your injury

By providing these and other benefits to your ACL treatment plan, therapeutic massage from an Excel Sports and Physical Therapy team member may be able to help you get through your recovery process faster.

Contact the physical therapy experts at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy now to learn more about our services for ACL injuries or to schedule an initial appointment.