Athletic Training in St. Peters, MO: Treating Foot Injuries

Athletic Training foot injury

If you’ve injured your foot playing sports, then you may need to see a physical therapist for foot treatment.

There are many ways that a physical therapist or athletic trainer can treat a foot injury. Treatments like massage therapy, stretches and mobility exercises can help you recover.

At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy in St. Peters, Missouri, we offer athletic therapy services throughout the area. We’ve provided excellent service to Missouri for more than 30 years.

So, if you happen to injure your foot while playing a sport, our athletic trainers can help you begin your recovery process as soon as you come off the field.

How does athletic training treat a foot injury?

Athletic trainers must know how to deal with every one of the structures in your body, including those in your feet. Thanks to their extensive experience and educational background, athletic trainers from Excel Sports and Physical Therapy can diagnose your condition quickly.

With more than 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles as well as other structures, your foot is a complex part of the body. It impacts your ability to do things like play sports, as well as perform other everyday activities.

Having one of our athletic trainers on-hand while you’re playing sports can be useful when you sustain a foot injury.

Our experts offer the following treatments for a foot injury:

  • Diagnosing the severity of the issue as soon as you’re injured
  • Using methods like Kinesio Taping to get you back in the game
  • Ensuring that you receive immediate medical attention for a serious injury

We can help you with your foot injuries as soon as they occur so that you can get back to the field faster. With our athletic trainers, you won’t have to stay on the sidelines for too long.

If you play sports, Excel Sports and Physical Therapy is here to help you.

Our team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy is here to help patients in St. Peters, Missouri find relief from foot pain.

We’ll start by performing an initial assessment of your foot injury to determine what structures have been damaged and in what way.

Next, we’ll come up with a personalized training and recovery plan that uses the data gathered during your initial evaluation. This way, we can ensure that only techniques that will provide you with the greatest benefits are in your treatment plan.

Finally, we’ll stick by you throughout the entire time that you’re using your treatment plan and provide you with support and encouragement to ensure that you get the best result possible.

To learn more about the treatment options available, contact our team today. We can help you schedule an appointment, so you can find relief faster.

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