Effective rotator cuff injury treatment in Saint Peters, MO

Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

Are you feeling a shooting pain when reaching over your head for something? This may be a sign that you have a rotator cuff injury, and this isn’t an injury you should ignore. However, some people in Saint Peters, Missouri, may also be looking for treatment options that are both natural and effective. If you’re one of these people, physical therapy is an option you should consider, and there are three tips on how to treat a rotator cuff injury you’ll hear from therapists here in town. 

1.   Take the time to rest your shoulder

Some people are so eager to begin the healing process that they forget one of the most important parts of it: rest. However, this is an important tip when it comes to treating a rotator cuff injury. 

Resting the shoulder allows your body to begin its natural healing processes, and the period of rest should continue until your pain lessens. This could take a few days or up to a week depending on the severity of your injury, and you may want to consult your doctor if you aren’t sure it’s time to begin therapy. 

During the rest period, you should avoid reaching over your head or lifting objects with the affected arm. While this may make things awkward for a few days, it can also give you a solid foundation to begin your physical therapy. 

2.   Talk to your physical therapist about joint mobilization

The rotator cuff is an important part of what helps your shoulder joint move, so treating a rotator cuff injury typically involves therapies that focus on this joint. Joint mobilization is a type of manual therapy that can be used to help your rotator cuff heal. Therapists will use their hands to slowly move your shoulder through various movements during this treatment, and its goals are to reduce restriction and pain in the joint. 

3.   Use soft tissue mobilization to reduce tension

When treating a rotator cuff injury, tension is an area your therapist should address. Naturally, you’ll feel that you should move your shoulder and arm as little as possible. This is helpful during the resting phase of your recovery, but it can lead to increased tension in the soft tissue of your shoulder. With soft tissue mobilization, a physical therapist uses specific movements to reduce tension in shoulder soft tissue. This may benefit your recovery by decreasing tension, improving the shoulder’s ability to move, and reducing pain. 

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