Effective treatment for knee pain in O’Fallon, MO

Knee Pain Treatment

You may feel it’s impossible to find effective treatment for knee pain in O’Fallon, Missouri. However, there’s an experienced physical therapy practice in town that can help you treat your knee pain.

Our Excel Sports & Physical Therapy team is proud to have served the O’Fallon area for more than 30 years. We’re also dedicated to helping every one of our patients recover from pain as quickly and completely as possible. In order to meet this goal, our team uses many research-based therapies. We’ll also perform an evaluation on you and take time to listen to your therapy questions and concerns. Our therapies and all this other information will be combined to create a personalized treatment plan for you. These plans are especially helpful if you need treatment for knee pain in O’Fallon.

One therapy used in our treatments for knee pain in O’Fallon

At our O’Fallon clinic, our team uses many therapies to create personalized knee pain treatment plans. One reason having so many therapy options is a good thing is because your knee is so complex.

The knee joint is the largest joint in your body, and it’s made up of many bones, muscles and ligaments. For instance, the femur, tibia and patella, or knee cap, are all bones found in your knee. The knee is also held together by a series of muscles and ligaments, such as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Your knees are able to bend and flex as they do thanks to all these parts. However, its complexity also means it can be easily injured and cause you pain.

Joint mobilization is one therapy used in knee pain treatment plans, and it’s a type of passive manual therapy. Manual therapy is so named because it involves therapists using their hands to move joints like the knee. Joint mobilization is passive manual therapy because your joints are moved by our therapists and not with your muscles. This therapy method is used to counter one of the body’s responses to knee pain, which is to immobilize the knee joint. The problem with this response is it can cause your pain to increase. Immobilization can also lead to a further loss of joint mobility.

Using joint mobilization in knee pain treatment plans is intended to provide several benefits, including:

  • Pain reduction
  • Range of motion improvements
  • Increased joint movement quality
  • Improved knee stability
  • Greater joint mobility

Knee pain treatment programs from Excel Sports & Physical Therapy’s O’Fallon clinic are also designed to offer you other benefits. For instance, the right combination of therapies may help reduce your chances of future knee pain. Our plans may also help improve your quality of life.

Beginning your knee pain treatment plan with us involves taking one initial step. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.