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Is it difficult to move around or complete everyday tasks without pain or limitations due to an injury or medical condition? You may be able to benefit from physical therapy treatment.

Physical therapists are skilled health care professionals who can help you reduce your pain and regain strength and mobility. Many physical therapy treatments work by strengthening and stretching the muscles, ligaments and tendons that affect the injured area to help provide support and reduce pain. These treatments also work for many neurological conditions. 

You have a little research to do if you’re interested in visiting a physical therapist for treatment. To make this easier for you, Excel Sports & Physical Therapy put together a list of five questions you should ask when looking for a physical therapist.

Five questions to ask when looking for a physical therapist

  1. Are they certified?  Every physical therapist must have nationally recognized certification. To gain this, they must pass an examination, have a bachelor’s degree and must complete a physical therapy graduate degree program. 
  2. Are they friendly? The staff and physical therapists at the clinic you visit should have great patient skills. You’ll likely need more than one session for treatment, so don’t settle for a clinic with unfriendly staff.
  3. Is the facility modern? The clinic should have modern and functioning equipment that can be used as part of your treatment. You should also ask about specialty equipment for services like aquatic therapy.  
  4. Are the reviews good? Online reviews are very helpful because they allow you to view the transparent thoughts of other patients. If the reviews are negative, you might want to find a different clinic. 
  5. Do they accept insurance? Insurance is important for many patients. If you want to pay with insurance, talk with the staff at the clinic or with your insurance provider about whether your insurance covers your treatment.

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