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Women’s Physical Therapy Near Me

Although anybody can develop back pain or shoulder pain, there are certain issues in the pelvic area that can affect women more than men. Many women’s health issues can be treated with physical therapy in Creve Coeur, Missouri. For instance, there are two common conditions that women’s physical therapy near you can help address. 

1.   Constipation

Constipation is a condition where you’re having difficulty evacuating your bowels. While this condition isn’t limited to only women, there is evidence that suggests women could be more susceptible to constipation. One study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealed that 79% of the women in the study reported constipation. 

This condition is often linked to issues with the pelvic muscles. For example, overly tight pelvic muscles often cannot be relaxed enough to have a bowel movement, and this is an issue called anismus. The pelvic muscles may not be relaxing and contracting correctly, and this can lead to a condition called dyssynergia, which can cause constipation. Pelvic muscles that are too weak can also be the root cause of constipation. This is because the weak muscles can’t muster enough force to allow the bowel to operate normally. 

2.   Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

As with constipation, one medical study concluded that women are more likely to develop sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The sacroiliac joint is the joint that connects the hips and lower spine. This joint is intended more to absorb shocks than for bending, and the pelvic muscles are one of the many muscles and ligaments that attach near the joint. When these muscles are too tight, the sacroiliac joint can become too stiff and can be painful. However, loose or weak pelvic muscles can allow this joint to move too much, and this can also cause pain. 

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy offers women’s physical therapy near you in Creve Coeur, MO

Women’s health is an area of physical therapy that requires special training, and you’ll find therapists who have this training at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy in Creve Coeur. We’ll perform a one-on-one screening to help determine the cause of your issue. Then, we’ll design a personalized treatment plan for you, which may include: 

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