Finding pre-surgical rehab in St. Charles, Missouri

Pre-Op Rehab in St. Charles, MO

People who have been injured or suffer from chronic pain or a debilitating condition typically prefer noninvasive treatments, like physical therapy or medicine, to treat the issue. However, sometimes surgery is the best or only option for an injury or condition. Surgery is tough because it comes with more risks than noninvasive treatments and requires a longer recovery period.

If you do need to have surgery, you can still benefit from physical therapy. Pre-surgical rehab with a physical therapist can help you prepare your body for surgery beforehand so you can have a better recovery.

The benefits of pre-surgical rehabilitation

Physical therapists are licensed healthcare professionals who are skilled and experienced in treating a variety of injuries and conditions. Often, physical therapy can help people avoid surgery, but, when surgery is necessary, physical therapists can identify ways to improve your ability to recover faster.

Physical therapy treatments for pre-surgical rehab focus on improving your strength and flexibility of your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Each treatment looks different depending on the nature of the surgery and other factors like age and medical history.

Typically, pre-surgical rehab will help with:

  • Reducing pain — Physical therapy exercises help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the recovering areas of your body, which helps promote healing and reduce pain. Strengthening and stretching the muscles also help reduce pressure off sensitive areas and provide structure and support.

  • Improving mobility — Surgery can limit your ability to do certain things on your own, like walking or getting dressed. Physical therapy can help improve your mobility, balance and coordination so that you can do these things on your own again.

  • Improving recovery speed — Pre-surgical rehab can help reduce the time you need to stay in the hospital after surgery.

Physical therapy can also help you after your surgery too. Post-surgical rehab can follow the work of your pre-surgical rehab and provide further help in your recovery.

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