Finding The Best Sports Therapy for You in Ellisville, MO

sports therapy

If you’ve injured yourself while playing a sport in Ellisville, MO, then you may be searching for a great sports therapy team. The team of sports therapists at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy is just what you’re looking for. Our staff of great therapists can provide you with the absolute best sports therapy for your injury.

Why you may benefit from sports therapy with Excel Sports and Physical Therapy

You may have heard about sports therapy because of injuries to famous professional athletes and thought that such practices just aren’t available to you. But even if you’re a recreational or amateur athlete, you can still access the benefits of this kind of physical therapy.

Because of the nationwide campaigns to raise the numbers of physically active Americans, you may have decided to increase your physical activity by playing a sport. Some of the sports that you can play recreationally that may have physical benefits for you include football, soccer, golf, tennis and basketball.

However, the downside of recreational sports is that you run the risk of injuring yourself while playing them. In fact, you may find yourself having to deal with injuries such as tennis elbow, sprained ankles, rotator cuff tears or knee injuries, and any of these conditions may prompt you to seek sports therapy.

Excel Sports and Physical Therapy for athletic training

At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy, our team of therapists prides ourselves on treating every injured athlete’s case as unique and important, whether they play professionally or recreationally. In fact, we can design a personalized therapy plan for you that may help you with:

  • Pain management without pain medications
  • Rehab and injured area strengthening
  • Improved form using recorded body movement assessments

With all of these components and more in our sports therapy plans, our team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy may be able to help you return to your sport of choice quickly and potentially reduce your chance of injuring yourself again.

If you live nearby, come see us at 1346 Clarkson Clayton Center, Ellisville, MO or contact us today to find out more about our wide range of services.