Finding treatment for back pain in Wentzville, MO

Back Pain Treatment

Are you sick of living with chronic back pain? You can find treatment for your back pain right here in Wentzville, Missouri.

At Excel Sports & Physical Therapy, our team has spent more than three decades in the physical therapy business. We’re proud to offer high-quality therapy services to residents in and around Wentzville. Our team is also proud to offer a three-step process that will allow us to build you a personalized therapy plan. First, we’ll perform a one-on-one evaluation to determine what issue you have and how it’s affecting you. Then, our therapists will take some time to listen to any concerns or goals you may have for your therapy. We’ll also listen to and answer any questions you have. Finally, we’ll combine all the information we’ve gathered with targeted therapies to create the most effective possible therapy plan for you. One time this process is particularly helpful is when we’re developing treatment plans for back pain in our Wentzville clinic.

Two therapies we use in treatments for back pain in Wentzville

The treatment plans our Wentzville team builds for back pain can be very helpful. They can also be designed to target many conditions that cause back pain.

For instance, back pain treatment plans can help people suffering from sciatica. Sciatica is a condition that affects the sciatic nerves, and it can cause a variety of symptoms, including back pain. These treatment plans can also be designed to help people with herniated spinal discs. They can also be built to treat patients with back muscle damage from sports injuries or car accidents.

One reason back pain treatment plans can treat many conditions that cause back pain is they use helpful therapies. For example, many of these plans use electrical stimulation to help ease back pain. Electrical stimulation uses low-power electrical pulses from a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) unit to block pain signals sent out by back nerves.

To achieve this, electrodes are placed over the painful area of your back. Wires are then run from the electrodes to the TENS unit. When the unit is turned on, low-power electrical pulses flow through the wires and electrodes and enter your body. It’s these pulses that help block pain signals from the back nerves, which may, in turn, help to reduce your pain.

In addition to electrical stimulation, back pain treatment plans from Excel Sports & Physical Therapy may also include therapies such as:

  • Core-strengthening exercises
  • Aerobic conditioning techniques
  • Targeted stretches

If you’re ready to find relief for your back pain, you should consider coming to our Wentzville clinic to begin a back pain treatment program. To begin such a program, all you’ll have to do is take one initial step.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.