Five keys to massage therapy in St. Louis, MO

Five Tips for Massage

Not many people are able to resist a good massage. Massaging can help reduce tension in muscles that can soothe pain and improve your flexibility. A massage from a partner or one that you can give yourself is nice, but a massage from a professional can work wonders.

Physical therapists can perform massage therapy to help people with injuries and conditions that cause pain and limit mobility. If you live around St. Louis, Missouri, you can come by Excel Sports and Physical Therapy for massage therapy by a professional.

A physical therapist can identify specific sources of pain. They are trained in the methods to help reduce this pain through massage without causing harm. This is good news for you when you’re with a physical therapist, but you can’t always have one by your side.

At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy, we want you to always feel your best. To help, here are five keys to massage therapy that you can follow on your own or with a partner when you’re not receiving professional help.

Five tips for massaging

1. Use oil Massages are supposed to help reduce pain, not cause more harm. Use massage oil to reduce the friction between the hands and skin. This will help the hands glide more smoothly and work deeper into the muscles.

2. Use your bodyweight Using your muscles too much in a massage can quickly tire you out. You can prevent this by having your partner lie or sit in a position where you can apply pressure with your bodyweight instead of your muscles.

3. Use fists or the base of your hand You can use your fists or the base of your hand to apply even pressure. Work in small circles going in one direction to help work out knots and reduce pain.

4. Try essential oils Essential oils can help reduce the pain and add soothing properties that may enhance the massage. Try oils like eucalyptus, hinoki and lavender to help make the massage a better experience.

5. Set the atmosphere Creating a relaxing atmosphere can make the difference between an acceptable massage and an exceptional one. Try dimming the lights, using scented candles or oil diffusers and music to help set the tone.

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