Five ways treating arthritis with physical therapy benefits you

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a chronic condition that slowly causes your joints to grow stiff and more painful to use. It damages the cartilage in your joints, which creates friction between the bones in the joints. When this happens, movement can cause the bones to grind and wear down. This is why arthritis can be painful and limit your range of motion.

Fortunately, there are treatments that help you manage your pain and improve your range of motion. One method of treatment that helps many people with arthritis is physical therapy.

These treatments are intended to improve the strength and flexibility of your muscles. In turn, this can reduce pressure on the joints affected by arthritis.

  1. It helps reduce pain — Physical therapy-based arthritis treatment sessions often include: 
  1. It helps improve range of motion — Stretching and exercising the muscles around the joints affected by arthritis can improve your range of motion.
  1. It can improve your strength and grip — Often, arthritis makes it difficult for you to use your hands and pick up or hold objects. Physical therapists can guide you through hand therapy techniques. This type of therapy includes exercises and other treatments specifically designed for improving strength and coordination in your arthritic hands.
  1. You can improve your posture — Physical therapists can educate you on how to improve your posture while standing, sitting and sleeping. Making changes to your posture can reduce pressure off your joints. This reduces pain and can make it easier for you to move around.
  1. You can safely learn how to use assistive devices — Another way that physical therapists treat arthritis is by educating patients on how to safely use assistive devices when they need them. Using a walker or cane can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. Physical therapists show you how to safely use these devices. Doing so can help you avoid potentially harmful falls. 

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Do you have pain and stiffness in your joints caused by arthritis? Physical therapy may be just the treatment you need to reduce these and other arthritis symptoms. Our Excel Sports & Physical Therapy team is ready to help you find the therapy you need. We offer free screenings that can determine what type of arthritis you’re dealing with. In addition, our specialists can build you a personalized arthritis therapy plan intended to reduce your symptoms. 

Do your arthritis symptoms make it hard to get out of the house? No problem! You can still get physical therapy from our team even if you can’t leave home, and this is possible thanks to the at-home care and virtual therapy appointments we offer. 

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