How long does a stiff neck last?

How Long Does a Stiff Neck Last?

A stiff neck can lead to soreness and decreased flexibility that can make something as simple as turning your head difficult. It can also be hard to tell how long a stiff neck will last. In some cases, it might last for a day or two. For other people, their stiffness could last for weeks or come back periodically.

One way you can reduce how long your stiff neck lasts is to figure out what’s causing it. Physical therapists can help you make this determination. Also, these musculoskeletal specialists can offer top-notch treatment for your stiff and painful neck

What could be causing your stiff neck?

What type of problem is causing your stiff neck can affect how long it lasts. Physical therapists have experience treating many musculoskeletal disorders that can cause neck stiffness and pain. A few of the issues that your therapist may discover in your neck include: 

  • Muscle strains — A muscle strain occurs when one of your muscles is overstretched. This is one common source of neck stiffness and pain. Often, a neck muscle strain is triggered by sleeping in an awkward position. 
  • Poor posture — Sitting for long periods with your neck and head hunched forward is common. Many people assume this posture when looking at their cellphone or working on their laptop. Holding this unnatural posture can make your neck muscles stiff and weak. 
  • Osteoarthritis — The structures that make up your neck, or cervical spine, can wear out over time. This is known as cervical osteoarthritis. A common symptom of this issue is a loss of flexibility in the neck. It can also lead to steadily increasing neck pain. 

How can physical therapy help your stiff neck?

Physical therapists offer many techniques that can help your stiff neck. They can even help many people reduce how long their stiff neck lasts. Therapy methods your therapist may use to address your stiff neck include: 

Excel PT can help reduce how long your stiff neck lasts

You don’t have to look far for help reducing how long your stiff neck lasts. Our team at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy is prepared to help you meet this goal. Our physical therapists can do a free screening on your neck to determine the source of your stiffness. Next, we can construct a customized physical therapy plan for you, and we can even use at-home care and virtual therapy sessions to help treat your neck issue right in your home.

Contact our team today for more information about our treatment options for neck issues or to schedule your initial appointment.