Why you need to know about sports therapy

sports therapy

Amateur and weekend sports players. Professional athletes. Recreational athletes. All these people who play sports should be aware of the risk of injury associated with playing a sport and how such injuries can be treated. 

Sports therapy is commonly used to treat a wide variety of injuries that professional, amateur and recreational athletes sustain during their games and training. Sports injuries are a common type of injury in the U.S. One reason is that people are using sports to increase their daily activity levels, which makes this type of therapy more important than ever before. It pays to know when and from whom you should seek sports injury therapy before you need it.

Why it pays to know about sports therapy

Sports therapy is a growing need for people who play sports across the country. It’s definitely something you should be aware of if you’re one of the many people who are using sports as a fun way to be more active. Maybe you’ve wanted to increase your physical activity for a while, and you’re just now taking a step toward doing so. It’s true that taking up a sport can be a great way for you to get fit in an interesting and enjoyable way.

There are also a few downsides to increasing your physical activity level by playing a sport. One downside is that you’re more likely to injure yourself while playing sports. This is because playing sports requires extreme body movements that you may not be ready for. In fact, researchers estimate that every year, 8.6 million sport- and recreation-related injuries occur. 

What are some injuries that sports therapy can help treat?

There are three areas of the body that are commonly injured while playing sports. The most injured area is the lower extremities (legs, knees, ankles, feet). It’s estimated that 42% of all sports injuries in the U.S. involve this area of the body. The other two most commonly injured areas are the upper extremities (arms, elbows, shoulders, hands) and the head/neck; these two areas account for 30.3% and 16.4% of sports injuries, respectively. 

Some of the specific injuries to these three areas that sports therapy can help treat include: 

Find effective sports injury therapy at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy has been helping injured sports players like you in the greater St. Louis, Missouri, area for more than two decades. We pride ourselves on offering you experienced and compassionate care for your injuries from any of our conveniently located clinics. When a sports injury threatens your season, our team is ready to help you with complimentary screenings and personalized sports therapy plans.

These therapy plans can be tailored to fit your individual injury and may be able to help you recover from a variety of sports injuries. Your plan might also include virtual care or at-home therapy if your injury is making it difficult to make it to one of our clinics. 

By using our personalized therapy plans for sports-related injuries, our team of sports therapists may be able to help you recover from your injury in less time than you may have thought possible. Contact our team today for more information about our sports injury services or to schedule an initial appointment.