Is aquatic therapy helpful for a torn ACL?

Therapy for Torn ACL

An ACL tear is a common injury among athletes. This is because your knees can sustain a lot of stress while playing sports, especially those that involve running. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a structure of connective tissue in your knee that helps stabilize the joint. You shouldn’t ignore a torn ACL, as that may lead to making your injury worse. Physical therapy is a common solution for athletes to help manage the symptoms of a torn ACL.

Are you wondering what form of physical therapy can help your torn ACL? Discover the benefits of aquatic therapy and learn how it may help your torn ACL.

What is aquatic therapy and how can it help a torn ACL?

If you’ve damaged your knee, it needs rest to recover after the initial injury. However, if you’re an athlete, you may be concerned about your knee strength and it becoming weak during the healing phase. Aquatic therapy can be a good solution to strengthening your knee and promoting healing. Unlike high-impact exercises like running, aquatic therapy is low impact so it shouldn’t put your healing knee under even more stress. 

Exercises performed in the water still increase blood flow and stimulate your muscles. This can reduce the stress and tension in your knee that cause pain after tearing your ACL. It can also help keep your knee flexible and improve your range of motion while you’re recovering from a torn ACL.

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy is prepared to treat your torn ACL

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