Kinesio Taping for ACL Injuries in St. Peters, MO

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If you have an ACL injury in Saint Peters, Missouri, then you should consider finding a physical therapist to help you with your recovery.

Physical therapy focuses on restoring strength and mobility to injured areas of the body. Often, this type of treatment includes several techniques, such as manual therapy and stretching. For ACL injuries, a physical therapist may use Kinesio tape to help support the knee.

At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy, our team in St. Peters, Missouri offers physical therapy services to help you find relief. We treat common injuries, including ACL tears, and employ modern techniques like Kinesio taping.

Take a moment to read more about how Kinesio taping can help treat an ACL tear. You can call our team with any questions you may have about this treatment.

How Kinesio taping could help your ACL injury

ACL injuries are common in professional and amateur athletes, as well as hardcore workout enthusiasts.

In fact, the more active you are, the more likely such an injury becomes. Excel Sports and Physical Therapy is here to help you recover from ACL issues using methods like Kinesio Taping.

Kinesio Taping uses elastic therapeutic tape to align and put pressure on a damaged area of your body, which in this case would be your ACL. This physical therapy technique can have a variety of benefits for your ACL injury. The benefits that this technique may provide for you include:

  • Making your daily activities easier and less painful
  • Providing extra support for your injured ACL
  • Promoting more rapid healing of your injury
  • Improving blood circulation to your injured area

Adding Kinesio Taping to your physical therapy program can help get you back to your quality of life faster.

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