Know Where To Turn For Occupational Therapy in Warrenton, MO

Occupational therapy

When you’ve been injured at your job and need to find professional and helpful occupational therapy in Warrenton, MO, Excel Sports and Physical Therapy is here to assist you. Our team at 605 E. Main Rd., Suite 3 is dedicated to helping you with physical therapy for pain management and recovery from your workplace injuries. Our team is experienced in treating shoulder pain, especially rotator cuff injuries.

Occupational therapy is ideal for recovering from a rotator cuff injury

Occupational therapy is designed for injuries you might sustain while at work, and one of the body parts that you may be more likely to injure on the job is your rotator cuff.

The rotator cuff is the part of your shoulder that is made up of the muscles and tendons that hold your upper arm bone in the socket of your shoulder. It has two very specific jobs. These jobs are to allow you to rotate and raise your arms. Essentially, you can only raise your arms above your head to grab something thanks to your rotator cuffs.

However, this body part is also prone to damage because it has to be unstable to allow the movement it does. Performing an ordinary workplace task like taking a box down off of a shelf can result in a rotator cuff injury if the box is too heavy for you to handle safely.

To assist you with recovering from your rotator cuff injuries, Excel Sports and Physical Therapy offers a variety of personalized occupational therapy plans. These plans offer many benefits, including the following practices:

  • Advising leading treatment techniques
  • Practicing complete and hands-on styles of care
  • Communicating your progress effectively to you and your primary care physician

By ensuring that our occupational therapy plans include these three important aspects, the team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy may be exactly the help you need to recover from a workplace rotator cuff injury.

Contact our team now to find out more about the occupation therapy services we offer at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy.