Looking for Occupational Rehab in St. Charles, MO

Occupational Rehab in St. Charles MO

If you’re looking for occupational rehab in Saint Charles, Missouri then our team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy is here to help. Our team of physical therapists at our St. Charles location specializes in physical therapy to treat chronic pain caused by injuries and conditions.

We use a simple three-step process to determine your therapy needs and design a customized therapy plan for you. The first step in our process is the functional capacity evaluation.

Occupational rehab functional capacity evaluation

Occupational rehab is a type of physical therapy that helps improve your ability to do everyday tasks, like going to work. Typically, occupational therapy is used after someone has been injured on the job.

Before our team can treat your condition, we must have you complete a functional capacity evaluation. That sounds intense, but we promise it’s not. A functional capacity evaluation helps us determine the extent of your injury. During this evaluation, we will answer questions about you, such as:

  • Can you return to work safely?
  • What type of job can you physically handle?
  • What accommodations could allow you to go back to work?

This will help us understand your limitations at work and create a treatment plan specific to your injury and goals. Ultimately, we want to get you back to work and your normal quality of life.

Excel Sports and Physical Therapy offers occupational therapy.

At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy, we are here to help you return to work quickly. Whatever injury you have suffered, our tea can create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you get back on your feet.

To schedule your appointment, contact our Excel team today. We are located at 1982 1st Capitol Dr Rd. in St. Charles, Missouri. You can stop by this or one of our other ten locations, or you can call us today to schedule an appointment.