Not Knowing How To Recover From ACL Injuries Can Hurt

ACL injury

ACL injuries are common amongst athletes in the United States. The ACL is one of four ligaments in the knee. An ACL injury typically requires that you have surgery to repair the damage. After you have surgery, though, you may not know what the next step in your recovery is. One tool that can assist you in your recovery from ACL injuries is an experienced physical therapy team.

Our team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy is just the kind of team that you should be looking for. We have a dedicated team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and athletic trainers that have been helping athletes like you in Missouri for more than two decades. With 11 locations around the St. Louis, Missouri area, we are conveniently located to help you recover from your ACL injury.

One of the most important things that we do for you is to perform an initial assessment of your condition, and then use that information to create a personalized treatment plan for your ACL injury.

Helpful features of a recovery plan for ACL injuries

ACL injuries in the United States result in approximately 400,000 people per year seeking out ACL repair surgery and post-surgical recovery. These hundreds of thousands of ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, issues can be attributed to two main causes.

One of the ways that you can damage your ACL is to suddenly change your direction in a way that puts too much stress on the ligament, since your ACL is one of only two responsible ligaments for connecting your thigh bone and your shin bone through your knee.

The second most common cause of ACL damage is when you come to a sudden stop that puts too much stress on the ligament.

If you are an athlete, you are exposing yourself to both of these risks for ACL damage on a regular basis, which is why you have a higher risk of ACL issues that may lead to surgery. However, the team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy is ready to assist you with your recovery from ACL injuries. Our recovery plan may be helpful to you thanks to features such as:

  • Strengthening exercises for your ACL and its support structures
  • Teaching the nerves and muscles in your leg to work together again
  • Agility training drills
  • Recorded biomechanical assessments

With these and other techniques included in our recovery plan for ACL damage, our team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy may be able to help you to recover your top form and help you guard against a repeat ACL injury.

Contact us at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy now for more information about the personalized recovery plans for ACL injuries that our team can put together for you.