Occupational Therapy May Get You Back To Work Faster

occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is typically used to help you recover from injuries you’ve sustained in the workplace to your hands, shoulders, arms, rotator cuffs and other body parts. Physical therapists can use a variety of therapy and rehabilitation techniques that can help you get back to work faster than if your injury is left alone.

At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy, our team has been assisting patients in Missouri just like you with their sport, physical and occupational rehabilitation needs for more than 20 years. Our team of accredited physical therapists, athletic trainers and occupational therapists are committed to helping you through your injury recovery. We offer initial assessments that allow us to establish your condition. Our team uses the data from the initial assessment to put together a personalized occupational therapy plan.

Why you should use an Excel Sports and Physical Therapy occupational therapy plan

Occupational therapy is the best choice for you if you’re looking for a way to deal with an injury you received at work. This type of physical therapy is the best recovery choice for you because it’s a natural and research-backed way to decrease the amount of time you’re out of work with a work-related injury.

We’ve all most likely either been injured on the job in some way or at the very least have seen someone who has been injured at work. You might have accidentally slammed your hand in a filing cabinet drawer. Maybe you tried to get a box down off the top shelf in the storage closet, only to find out from the twinge in your shoulder that it was heavier than you thought it would be.

Office accidents like these are more than enough to injure you, even without considering the higher injury potential of a more physical job.

The Excel Sports and Physical Therapy team knows that people injure themselves at work all the time, which is why we offer occupational therapy services to assist you with recovering from a workplace injury. These services are ideal for you because of our:

  • Highly experienced therapists
  • Use of the latest therapy and rehab techniques
  • Hands-on style of care
  • Encouraging motivational techniques
  • Timely communication with you and your primary care physician

The team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy can assist you with rehab that may help you manage the pain of your injury without medication and help you return to work faster.

To find out more information about our occupational therapy services, contact us at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy now.