Recovering from ACL Injuries in O’Fallon, MO

ACL injury

So, you’ve had a surgery to repair ACL injuries, and it was a great success. However, now that the surgery is over, who can you turn to for assistance with your post-surgery recovery in O’Fallon, MO?

Let the team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy help you reach your recovery goals. Our team at 2982 Highway K has more than 20 years of experience helping people recover after ACL surgery. We will perform an initial assessment and use the information we gather to create a personalized recovery plan for your ACL injuries.

Why a recovery plan for your ACL injury is your best option

If you’re an athlete looking to get back into your sport as soon as possible after an ACL injury put you on the sidelines, you should consider finding a high-powered physical therapy team to assist you.

Of the 400,000 people who undergo ACL repair surgery every year in the United States, a high percentage of them try to return to action too soon and either injure themselves again or end their career completely. Research shows that after an ACL repair surgery, your ACL needs to return to 90% of its normal performance before you even consider going back onto the field or court.

With the team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy on your side, you can find a ACL recovery plan that may help you to achieve the 90 percent performance that you require to get your game back. In fact, our therapy and recovery plans for ACL damage may include:

  • Sport-specific training methods
  • Recorded body movement assessments
  • Professional analysis of movement and form

By using these methods in our ACL recovery plans, the team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy may be able to assist you with your ACL injuries. Our team has the experience to get you back in the game sooner with a lower risk of repeat injury.

To find out more information about our recovery plans for ACL injuries, contact us today or come visit Excel Sports and Physical Therapy in person at 2982 Highway K, O’Fallon, MO.