Recovering from ACL surgery in O’Fallon, MO

ACL Surgery Recovery

So, you’ve had a surgery to repair ACL injuries, and it was a great success. However, now that the surgery is over, who can you turn to for assistance with your post-surgery recovery in O’Fallon, Missouri?

An experienced physical therapy team can help you reach your recovery goals. These specialists can perform an initial assessment of your recently repaired knee. They can then use the information from the assessment to create a personalized recovery plan to fit your needs.

Why you should consider doing physical therapy after ACL surgery

If you’re an athlete looking to get back into your sport as soon as possible after an ACL injury put you on the sidelines, you should consider finding a high-powered physical therapy team to assist you.

Approximately 100,000 people undergo ACL repair surgery every year in the U.S. Unfortunately, a high percentage of them try to return to action too soon and either injure themselves again or have to end their sports career completely. Research shows that after an ACL repair surgery, your ACL needs to return to 90% of its normal performance before you even consider going back onto the field or court.

What’s involved in physical therapy-based ACL surgery recovery?

With an experienced physical therapy team on your side, you can find an effective ACL surgery recovery plan. The primary goal of such a plan will be to help you to achieve the 90% performance that you require to get your game back. Meeting this goal can involve your physical therapist using a variety of therapy techniques. 

A few of the therapy methods your physical therapist could use in your recovery plan include: 

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy in O’Fallon is ready to help with your ACL surgery recovery

Ready to find physical therapy-based ACL surgery recovery in O’Fallon? Our Excel Sports & Physical Therapy team has three clinics in this area that can assist you. Each of these clinics offers free screenings for people with ACL injuries. They’re also staffed with therapy specialists who excel at building post-surgical physical therapy plans that are personalized to fit your needs.

Not feeling up to coming into one of our clinics yet? No problem! Our O’Fallon clinics also offer virtual therapy and at-home care services that you can use without leaving home. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help with your ACL injury or to schedule an initial appointment.