Recovering from ACL injuries with physical therapy in St. Charles, MO

ACL Injury

Sudden excruciating knee pain. Rapid swelling. A popping sound in the knee. All these symptoms are common in people who damage their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Athletes are at higher risk of sustaining ACL injuries, but almost anyone can develop this type of knee injury. Whether you are an athlete or not, a physical therapist can help you recover from an ACL injury. These specialists offer assessments and personalized treatment plans that can help to shorten your road to recovery.

How common are ACL injuries in athletes? 

ACL injuries are becoming more and more common in athletes. If you watch one game of NFL football on television per week, you’re likely to see at least one player have an ACL issue. In many cases, the issue can keep them out of the rest of that game, and it could even end their season completely. 

The ACL is one of the two ligaments running through your knee that connects your thighbone and your shinbone. Injuries to this ligament are primarily caused by sudden changes of direction or sudden stops that you make that put extreme stress on the knees.

Stress on the knees can happen when you’re playing receiver in football and must suddenly change the direction of your pass route. It can also occur when you’re playing basketball and must stop suddenly to return to the defensive side of the court. The result of these moves is that you may end up damaging your ACL and needing surgery.

What’s involved in physical therapy-based ACL injury recovery plans? 

Physical therapists are ready to help you with your recovery after an ACL injury. These specialists can assist you with ACL injuries by creating a personalized therapy plan for you. A physical therapist can individualize your therapy plan thanks to the many physical therapy techniques at their disposal. 

Some of the techniques your physical therapist may use include: 

Find help recovering from an ACL injury at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy in St. Charles

Need help recovering from a sports-related ACL injury? Our Excel Sports & Physical Therapy team in St. Charles is here to help you find the treatment you need. Our specialists offer free screenings that can confirm that your symptoms are caused by an ACL injury. 

Additionally, our team can build you an individualized physical therapy plan designed to reduce your symptoms and speed up your healing. We can even help you get physical therapy from home thanks to our virtual therapy and at-home care services. 

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