Tennis elbow treatment in Saint Peters, MO

Elbow Treatment

If you play tennis regularly, then you’re more likely to need tennis elbow treatment in Saint Peters, Missouri. Luckily, there’s a physical therapy team in your area that can help you treat elbow injuries.

Excel Sports and Physical Therapy has a team that’s been helping people in the Saint Peters, Missouri area for 34 years now. When you come to our team for physical therapy, there are two main goals we’ll include in your therapy plan. The first goal we’ll set is to help you find the most effective blend of therapies for your injury or medical condition. We’ll work toward accomplishing this goal with a personalized therapy plan that’s tailored specifically to your needs. The second goal we’ll set for your therapy will be to help you get as many benefits as possible from your therapy with us. One type of treatment plan in which we include these two goals is in the tennis elbow treatment plans we build in our Saint Peters, Missouri office.

Some benefits our tennis elbow treatment plans may have for you in Saint Peters, MO

Our Excel Sports and Physical Therapy team has created many tennis elbow treatment plans at our Saint Peters, Missouri office over the years. One reason we’re committed to helping you find treatment for tennis elbow and other elbow injuries is we know how important your elbow is. Your elbow allows you to perform many actions every day that you may take for granted. For example, our team knows your elbow allows you to rotate your wrist, which is vital for actions like opening doors. We also know this joint is vital for raising or flexing your forearm, such as when you lift a shopping bag out of your trunk.

One injury that our team often sees that may endanger your ability to perform daily actions like these is tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a condition where the tendons on the outside of the elbow are injured or damaged in some way. Many people associate this elbow injury only with tennis players because of its name. It’s true that our team often sees this injury in people who play too much tennis. However, this elbow condition can also occur in anyone who overuses their elbow.

We’re ready to help you if you develop tennis elbow whether you get it from playing tennis or not. Our team will build you a personalized treatment plan that may help you get benefits that include:

  • Reducing your elbow pain
  • Promoting healing of your elbow tendons
  • Increasing range of motion in your elbow
  • Helping you find ways to avoid elbow issues in the future

With benefits like these, you should seriously consider a tennis elbow treatment plan from our team. We even make it easy for you to get the elbow treatment you need at our Saint Peters, Missouri Excel Sports and Physical Therapy location. All you have to do is take one step.

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