Tension headaches often stem from these issues

Tension Headache in Back of Head

Tension headaches are by far the most common type of headache. They often start in the back of the head and move to the top of your head or to your temples. Many people describe this movement as feeling like a band tightening around the head. In many cases, tension headaches and the pain they lead to stem from three common causes. 

What are the three most common causes of tension headaches?

A tension headache actually starts long before you begin to feel it in the back of your head. The majority of tension headaches begin in the neck before moving into the head. This is possible because the neck and head are connected by the muscles and a bundle of nerves called the cervical plexus. The three most common causes of tension headaches building in the neck and moving into the head are: 

  1. Muscle tension — Four muscles are located near the top of the spine at the base of the skull. These muscles are called suboccipital muscles. Tension in these muscles can cause a tension headache. 
  1. Stress — Another common cause of tension headaches is stress. The psychological stress of meeting deadlines at work and other stressors are often linked to tension headaches. Such stressors cause the muscles in your shoulders and neck to tense, which can lead to a full-blown tension headache. 
  1. Poor posture — Posture is the way you hold your body or parts of it when sitting, walking or standing. Poor posture can be the source of many issues. Poor posture in your head and neck can lead to muscle fatigue and tension, which can result in tension headaches. These headaches can even become chronic if you don’t take steps to fix poor head and neck posture. 

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy in Warrenton, MO, can help treat tension headaches

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