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It’s hard to get through the day when your neck, back or joints are in pain. It’s even harder when you suffer from chronic pain that lasts for days or weeks at a time. When you suffer from this kind of pain, you may need to see a physical therapist for assistance.

Physical therapists offer all kinds of treatments for back, neck and joint pain. Your treatment will depend on the severity and cause of your pain, as well as your medical history, age and fitness levels. At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy in Warrenton, Missouri, one treatment we offer for our patients is the McKenzie Method.

What is the McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie Method is a physical therapy method that empowers you to take your treatment into your own hands. The method involves a series of exercises and movements that you can do on your own at home or wherever is convenient.

The McKenzie Method is not a store-bought home exercise program, though. The exercises and movements that you should practice are determined by a licensed physical therapist.

The physical therapists at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy can assess your condition and recommend the right exercises and movements for treating and preventing pain.

How does the McKenzie Method work?

The McKenzie Method operates on the principle that most cases of pain are caused by poor posture and habits. Often, McKenzie treatments will focus on correcting posture and using exercises to encourage better posture and movement.

Correcting this posture and improving your support through movements, poses and exercises can help reduce and prevent pain.

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