The top three goals of aquatic therapy in O’Fallon, MO

Three Goals of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy can help you recover from many different types of injuries. However, you may not know what this type of therapy is or what its goals are. This is where an experienced physical therapy team in O’Fallon, Missouri can help you.

Excel Sports and Physical Therapy offers many types of evidence-based physical therapy to help you recover from injury and reduce your chronic pain. One of the gentlest treatment methods we offer is aquatic therapy, which is also known as hydrotherapy. This type of therapy takes place in a pool, and it allows our therapists to take advantage of the natural healing properties of water. 

At our O’Fallon, Missouri office, we can help you find hydrotherapy that helps you achieve your goals for recovery.

Top three goals of aquatic therapy at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy in O’Fallon, MO

Our O’Fallon, Missouri team wants to help you accomplish three specific goals with your aquatic therapy, such as:

  • Reduce stress —The first of these goals is to reduce your stress and promote relaxation. It’s a well-known fact that when your body is under stress, it’s harder for healing to take place. With aquatic therapy, you can reduce your stress and allow your body to heal itself naturally. In fact, performing physical therapy in a pool helps your body escape the pull of gravity on your injury. This, in turn, reduces the stress placed on your injured body parts. The lower level of stress may allow your body to heal more quickly.
  • Improve flexibility — Getting back your ability to move without pain is the whole reason that you’re undergoing physical therapy in the first place. A lack of flexibility can actually make it harder for your body to heal itself when it’s been injured. With hydrotherapy, our therapists can help you improve your flexibility. In fact, the water itself will produce a gentle, squeezing effect that may help to loosen your muscles and improve your range of motion.
  • Build muscle strength — Many injuries are caused by weak muscles. One of the most effective ways to help heal your injury is to strengthen these weak muscles. However, many people find it difficult to do muscle strengthening exercises initially. Hydrotherapy can help to reduce the difficulty you experience with these exercises. This is because water provides a natural buoyancy. The buoyancy makes it easier to hold yourself in position for certain strengthening exercises. Water also provides a natural resistance that our therapists can use to help you strengthen your muscles. 

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By meeting each of these three goals, our Excel Sports and Physical Therapy team may be able to help you recover from your injury faster. If aquatic therapy sounds like something you’d be interested in, contact our O’Fallon, Missouri office at 9331 Phoenix Village Parkway to schedule an initial appointment today.