Three benefits of breaking up scar tissue with physical therapy

physical therapy breaking up scar tissue

Sooner or later, most people experience some type of injury that can lead to the development of scar tissue. Scar tissue is tough tissue that develops in your muscles after a tear or incision heals. Because surgery involves incisions in the muscles, it’s normal to develop scar tissue after an operation too.

Scar tissue is a problem because it is stiff and painful. Over time, it can re-form into normal, healthy tissue, but with the assistance of a physical therapist, you can break up scar tissue more quickly.

The techniques physical therapists use to break up scar tissue are known as manual therapy. Manual therapy involves the use of your physical therapist’s hands to help mobilize and gently manipulate the soft tissue and joints to reduce pain, improve your range of motion and break up scar tissue. 

Three major benefits of breaking up scar tissue with physical therapy include:

1. Reduced pain

The stiffness of the scar tissue can cause a painful sensation that makes you want to avoid movements that use the muscles with scar tissue on them. Physical therapy can help break up the scar tissue, so you can recover from your injury or surgery with less pain.

2. Improved range of motion

Scar tissue is tough and does not flex easily. This limits the flexibility of the entire muscle it’s attached to, which limits the range of motion of your joints connected to the muscle. By breaking up the scar tissue with physical therapy, you can regain some of your range of motion while recovering from the injury or surgery. 

3. Less dependency on drugs

One way many people deal with pain is taking pain medication. However, this can be a problem because medications can be addictive and cause unwanted side effects. By treating your pain with physical therapy, you can reduce your dependency on taking medications for your pain. 

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