Three benefits you can get from working with Excel Sports & Physical Therapy

Excel Physical Therapy

Many people think physical therapy is just for recovery after an injury. While physical therapy is a great way to promote a healthy recovery after an injury, there are other surprising benefits to it as well. You don’t need to suffer an injury to benefit from physical therapy.

Are you wondering how physical therapy may be able to help you live a healthier life? Learn about three benefits that you can receive at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy. 

Benefits of physical therapy

Consider physical therapy as a form of maintenance for your body. It can be helpful in getting you closer to the body you want to live in. Here are three benefits of physical therapy:

  • Pain management — Physical therapists can employ several techniques to manage pain. A physical therapist will perform an evaluation to determine the best treatment for you. This depends on the kind of pain you’re experiencing. One technique used at Excel Physical Therapy is soft tissue mobilization, a hands-on technique that stimulates blood flow to the soft tissue and can help relieve pain. Another technique used at Excel Physical Therapy is dry needling, which can immediately reduce pain.
  • Better posture — Your posture while sitting and standing can impact how your body feels every day. If you experience a stiff back or neck, then a physical therapist can show you ergonomic adjustments to help. Your physical therapist can evaluate your posture and recommend adjustments. This may help reduce tension in problem areas around your body.
  • Improved range of motion — If you feel stiff anywhere in your body, it’s important to stretch. Your physical therapist can show you the proper stretches to perform every day so that you don’t become stiffer. By stretching every day, you can improve your bodily flexibility and range of motion, which may also help reduce stress and tension in your muscles. 

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy is ready to help you get healthier and stronger

There are many benefits to physical therapy that can make your life easier. Our team of experts at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy is ready to help you live healthier and stronger today. Our physical therapists are prepared to build you a personalized treatment plan to manage conditions you’re experiencing. We can also help you strengthen your body to prevent further pain.

Contact our team today for more information about physical therapy or to schedule an initial appointment.