Three common golf injuries treatable in Saint Charles, MO

Common Golf Injuries

Golf isn’t a sport that many people think of when it comes to sports injuries. Although there isn’t injury-causing body contact like in football or rugby, golfers have their fair share of injuries. If you’re an injured golfer in Saint Charles, Missouri, you may be happy to know that there are physical therapists nearby, and these professionals can help you treat three common golf injuries. 

1.   Golfer’s elbow

Golfer’s elbow is a condition that’s similar to the more well-known tennis elbow, but this condition causes you to have pain and irritation of the inner elbow and forearm rather than the outer. Also called medial epicondylitis, this common golf injury can cause pain when you’re making a fist or twisting your forearm, and it can also lead to forearm swelling. Golfers aren’t the only people who can get golfer’s elbow; people who perform repetitive motions like shoveling, painting, throwing or weightlifting should also watch out for symptoms of this injury. 

2.   Back injury

It’s not surprising that golfers can also get several types of back injuries since there are frequent bending and twisting motions necessary to play golf. Golfers typically have to bend over from the waist to hit the golf ball, and they may be doing this movement hundreds of times during the five or six hours one round takes. This bending places a lot of pressure on the lower back, and the increased pressure can lead to strained back muscles and herniated discs. The same injuries can also result from the twisting motion your back does during your golf swing.

3.   Shoulder injury

Shoulder injuries are another type of common golf injury, and they’re usually caused by the repetitive movements golfers make during their swing. Also, accidentally striking roots, rocks or other hard objects while swinging your club can lead to a strained shoulder muscle. Poor posture during your swing can also put extra stress on your shoulders, and this could result in an injury to your rotator cuff. 

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If you’ve injured yourself playing golf, there’s a physical therapy team in Saint Charles that can help you with your injury recovery. This team can be found at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy. Our team will work one-on-one with you to determine what injury you have and what its root cause is. Then, we’ll build you a personalized physical therapy plan, and this plan can make use of many physical therapy techniques, such as: 

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