Three factors that decrease car accident injury risk

Car Accident Injuries

You might not have thought about it recently, but it’s likely that you or someone you know has been in a car accident in the last year or two. It’s even possible that this accident led to a serious car accident injury such as whiplash or a concussion. If you haven’t been injured in a car accident recently, you’re fortunate, but it’s still important to follow some simple steps to help reduce your risk of an injury in the event an accident does occur.

What steps can you take to decrease car accident injury risk?

Are you wondering if there are ways to reduce your risk of a car accident injury? Here are some ways you can decrease this risk: 

  1. Wear your seat belt — If your body isn’t restrained, it’s more likely to slam into the steering wheel or another hard surface in the car. This makes it much more likely you could injure yourself during a car accident. 
  1. Adjust your headrest properly — Your headrest can help protect your head and neck during a car accident. However, this ability is diminished when it’s not adjusted properly. In the correct position, the top of the headrest should be level with the top of your head and it should be two inches or less from the back of your head. 
  1. Don’t text and drive — Texting while driving is illegal for Missouri residents under 21, but that doesn’t mean adults should answer texts while driving. Doing so takes your attention off the road and can increase your risk of being in a car accident. 

Learn how Excel Sports & Physical Therapy in Wentzville, MO, can treat car accident injuries

Recent car accident injuries can lead to pain, decreased mobility and more. Old car accident injuries can also cause these symptoms years later if they aren’t treated effectively. Our Excel Sports & Physical Therapy team in Wentzville, Missouri, is here to help you find the most effective treatment for your car accident injuries. We can start you out with a complimentary screening. Then, our team can build you a personalized treatment plan. Your plan will contain multiple beneficial therapy methods, which could include: 

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