Three vertigo prevention tips for residents in Wentzville, MO

How to Prevent Vertigo

Inner ear infections are one of the most common causes of vertigo. These infections typically occur when the eustachian tubes running from the inner ear to the throat become inflamed. The inflammation makes it harder for fluid to drain out of the inner ear, creating a bacteria- and virus-friendly environment. These bacteria and viruses can cause inner ear infections that lead to vertigo. To prevent vertigo, consider these three tips that can help you prevent ear infections and, thereby, vertigo: 

1.   Treat allergies

Allergies can be seasonal or chronic, and they can cause eustachian tube inflammation, ear infections and vertigo. Seasonal allergies can be caused by pollen from various plants. However, chronic allergies are related to allergens you’re exposed to everyday. For example, you may live in a house with a cat even though you’re allergic to cat dander. Mold spores can also cause chronic allergies. Your doctor can help you determine which treatment methods will be most effective for your allergies, and these treatments can help prevent ear infections and vertigo. 

2.   Steer clear of colds

Colds and upper respiratory infections can also lead to inner ear infections and cause vertigo. However, there are many steps you can take to avoid them. For instance, you can clean the surfaces in your home and office with antibacterial and antiviral wipes regularly, and this can be especially helpful during the height of cold and flu season in the fall and winter. Also, people should consider wearing face masks to avoid breathing in germs when riding public transportation. 

3.   Stay away from smoking

Smoking and exposure to smoke is bad for your health in a number of ways. However, you may not know that not exposing yourself to smoke can also help prevent inner ear infections and vertigo. Tobacco smoke contains many abrasive chemicals, and these chemicals can inflame the throat and eustachian tubes. By not breathing in these smoke-borne chemicals, people can decrease the risk of eustachian tube inflammation and the inner ear infections it can lead to. In turn, this can help prevent the development of vertigo. 

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