Tips for Finding a Physical Therapist in Ellisville, MO

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Finding the best course of recovery is one of your top priorities when you’ve been hurt or injured. Many people in this position choose physical therapists for treatment because they are skilled professionals who treat the musculoskeletal system of your body. This includes the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.  

If you live in Ellisville, Missouri and are looking for a physical therapist to help reduce your pain and restore your strength and range of motion, you should follow the tips on this list by Excel Sports & Physical Therapy.

Five tips for searching for a physical therapist

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy understands that finding the best physical therapist for you is a top priority, so these five tips should help you make the right decision:

  1. Examine their credibility — Before being allowed to legally practice, physical therapists must achieve a bachelor’s level of higher education and must complete a physical therapy graduate program. Then, they must receive a nationally recognized certification.
  2. Examine their patient skills — When you visit a clinic, make sure the staff and physical therapists are friendly and caring. You’ll likely have more than one session throughout your treatment, so you wouldn’t want to commit to a clinic if their staff is cold and unfriendly.  
  3. Examine their facility — The clinic you’re interested in should have modern, clean, working equipment that can be used as part of your treatment. If you’re interested in specialized services, like aquatic therapy, see if they are equipped for these too.
  4. Examine their reviews — Read the online reviews to find out what other patients think about the clinic. If they had positive experiences, you can probably expect the same.
  5. Ask about insurance — Talk with the staff or with your insurance provider about your insurance policy and if it covers physical therapy services at the clinic.  

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After reviewing the items in this list, we’re sure you’ll find that Excel Sports & Physical Therapy in Ellisville, Missouri is an excellent choice for physical therapy. Contact us today if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment.

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