Tips for Finding Physical Therapy in Warrenton, Missouri

Warrenton MO Physical Therapy

Injuries and medical conditions can cause pain and make it challenging to accomplish simple daily tasks like walking, getting dressed or picking up objects. If you’re having struggles like these, you should consider physical therapy treatment. 

Physical therapists are health care professionals who are skilled in treatments that help reduce pain and restore your strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. It’s important to find the right physical therapist for you for the best treatment, though. 

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy believes it should be easy for you to find the physical therapist you need. That’s why we put together this list of five tips to keep in mind when looking for a physical therapist.

Five tips for finding the right physical therapy clinic

  1. Ask about their education — All physical therapists must have years of education and training before being certified to practice. They must have a bachelor’s degree, complete a physical therapy graduate degree program and pass a certification exam.
  2. Assess the staff’s friendliness — You should always be treated with kindness, respect and dignity at the physical therapy clinic you choose to visit. If the staff are not friendly, it’s your right to find another clinic who will treat you better.
  3. Examine the facility — The clinic should have modern and functioning equipment and a clean facility to be a part of your treatment. Also, ask about specialized equipment and facilities for services, like aquatic therapy, if you’re interested.
  4. Check out the reviews — Online reviews offer a good clue as to whether you should trust a particular clinic. If you find that it has positive reviews, you can expect to have a positive experience too.
  5. Ask about insurance — Ask the staff if their clinic accepts insurance and find out if your insurance provider will cooperate. 

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