Treating an ACL tear without surgery in Saint Peters, MO

Torn ACL Treatment

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the four major ligaments that hold together the bones in your knee joint. The ACL runs through the center of the joint, connecting the shinbone and thighbone together. Its purpose is to provide stability from the knee and keep it from twisting. Unfortunately, when the knee twists too far in a traumatic event like a fall or collision, the ACL can tear. 

ACL tears are not simple to treat because the ACL is made up of several small strands of soft tissue. A torn ACL is similar to a torn braided rope. It would be nearly impossible to reconnect each strand of the rope after it’s been torn. This is the same challenge your body faces when trying to heal a torn ACL, which is why many people elect to have ACL reconstruction surgery for treatment.

Is there ACL treatment without surgery?

People who undergo ACL reconstruction surgery usually need full use of their knee again for sports or work. However, not everyone needs to use their knees for demanding activities.

It’s possible to live your life with a torn ACL and accomplish many normal daily activities. However, the road to recovery requires some assistance from a health care professional. 

Many people with ACL tears visit physical therapists for treatment. Physical therapists can help improve the condition of your knee without the use of invasive procedures or even medications that might cause side effects. The goal of physical therapy when it comes to treating a torn ACL is to help improve stability, build up your muscle strength and improve your flexibility. 

Treating a torn ACL with physical therapy can help you recover from the injury to regain the use of your knee for normal activities like walking and even running or jumping. However, you’ll still have trouble with cutting, pivoting and other more demanding uses of the knee. 

Do you need to have surgery to regain the full use of your knee?

Many of us prefer to avoid surgery due to its risks and the length of recovery. However, ACL reconstruction surgery is the only way to fully repair a torn ACL to provide you with the full use of your knee again. 

Physical therapists are still a big part of ACL reconstruction surgery, though. After your surgery, physical therapists will help you strengthen the knee, regain your balance and prevent the buildup of scar tissue. 

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