Two helpful features of aquatic therapy in Wentzville, MO

Two Features of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy can be helpful for many types of injuries. Excel Sports and Physical Therapy in Wentzville, Missouri has a highly-trained group of physical therapists. Our team is ready to help you get the best therapy available for your injury. One form of therapy that we’re particularly experienced with is aquatic therapy, which is also known as hydrotherapy. In fact, our aquatic therapy plans offer two features that may help speed up your recovery.

Two helpful features our aquatic therapy plans

Hydrotherapy takes place in a pool, and it requires the services of one of our specially-trained physical therapists. It uses the many healing properties of water in combination with specific therapy exercises to help with your injury recovery. Some of these healing properties of water include buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and natural resistance to movement. Our hydrotherapy plans have two specific features that make use of these properties and increase the effectiveness of our treatment.

Coordination and balance

The first feature our aquatic therapy plan offers is the ability to help improve your coordination and balance. Coordination is your ability to use various parts of your body at the same time to complete a task. This task can be something as simple as walking. Balance has to do with your ability to remain stable while performing these tasks. An injury to your back, legs, ankles or feet can cause your coordination and balance to suffer. 

Our hydrotherapy plans make use of the natural buoyancy of water to help you regain your coordination and balance. The water in the pool will help you to perform exercises that improve these abilities, all while eliminating your fear of falling or injury. In fact, you may find that you can do physical therapy exercises in a pool that you may not feel comfortable doing in other settings.

Locomotion and gait

The second feature provided by aquatic therapy plans at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy is the improvement of your locomotion and gait. Locomotion refers to your ability to move from place to place. Gait is a word used by therapists to describe the way your body moves when you walk. 

Many types of injuries can affect these two things. The buoyancy and resistance that hydrotherapy offers is very helpful for improving locomotion and gait. Our therapists will use water’s buoyancy to reduce the stress on your injury. At the same time, we will use the water’s resistance to help you increase strength in the muscles that may improve your gait.

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