Two reasons to turn to a physical therapy clinic for help treating an auto accident injury

Auto Accident Injury Clinic

When two vehicles collide, the force of impact can cause serious injuries. The body can absorb an overwhelming amount of force during an auto accident, which can cause long-lasting symptoms. However, it’s important to realize that some conditions, like whiplash, may not appear until days after the accident happened. Auto accidents can cause serious injuries that can benefit from professional help at a physical therapy clinic. The good news is that physical therapists can provide effective treatment for many of the injuries caused by auto accidents.

Are you wondering if you should visit a physical therapy clinic for your auto accident injury? Physical therapy is a safe and effective treatment option following car crashes.

Two reasons to turn to a physical therapy clinic for your auto accident injury

Car accidents can cause a variety of different injuries. You can get whiplash, damage the soft tissue in your shoulders or back, or even develop a herniated disc. These are just some of the common injuries caused by auto accidents. The good news is that physical therapists can treat your injuries effectively with specialized techniques. Here are two reasons why physical therapy is a great choice for treating your injury:

  1. Pain management — Physical therapy is a great alternative to potentially detrimental pain medications. A physical therapist can employ a diverse range of pain management techniques. If you have damaged your muscles and other soft tissue, then manual therapy can stimulate the soft tissue and reduce inflammation that contributes to your pain. Dry needling can provide immediate relief for back pain and help ease tension in the muscles. 

Injuries to the shoulders or other joints can be attended to with joint mobilization, which can reduce pain caused by stiffness after an injury. Electrical stimulation can be done almost anywhere on the body because it uses adhesive electrodes. These are attached to injured areas and send electrical pulses that stimulate the muscles and ease stress and tension.

  1. Mitigating long-lasting symptoms — A car crash can be traumatic, physically and emotionally. The last thing you want is to deal with lingering symptoms long after the accident is over. A physical therapist can help promote healing with techniques intended to reduce long-lasting symptoms. Therapeutic exercises are a great way to promote the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. A physical therapist can show you strengthening techniques to help your body return to normal functionality after a car accident. They can also educate you with targeted stretches that help keep your body flexible and maintain the range of motion in your joints. If your accident makes it painful to perform traditional exercises, another great option is aquatic therapy. Low-impact exercises in the water allow for reduced stress on the body.

Wondering about your clinic options for an auto accident injury? Excel Sports and Physical Therapy has you covered

Car accidents can throw your whole life into chaos. The last thing you want is to worry about any long-term effects following a car crash. Physical therapy can help. Our specialists at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy are experts in treating numerous injuries caused by auto accidents. We are prepared to build you a personalized treatment plan that looks after your physical needs while you worry about the rest.

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