What are some things I should know about Astym® therapy?

What Is Astym Therapy

The ability to use tools to accomplish tasks is something many of us use every day. From the stone tools humans first built 2.6 million years ago to the smartphones we use today, our tools help us do extraordinary and ordinary things. 

Physical therapists often use tools to help their patients; one type of physical therapy that depends heavily on tools is Astym therapy. 

What is Astym therapy?

Astym therapy is one of several techniques that falls into the category of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). It involves therapists using specially designed tools over your skin. These tools can help accomplish many things. For instance, Astym treatments can help: 

  • Break up myofascial trigger points.
  • Break down scar tissue that forms as a soft tissue injury heals.
  • Increase blood flow in targeted tissue. 
  • Realign muscle fibers.

What is Astym therapy used to treat?

Since it’s so helpful, physical therapists can use Astym therapy to treat many different injuries and conditions. A few of the issues this technique can help address include: 

What other therapy methods is Astym therapy often combined with?

Most physical therapy plans don’t rely on just one technique, even if it’s as beneficial as Astym therapy. Typically, therapy techniques are combined to increase the benefits for the patient. Some techniques that are often used in combination with Astym therapy include: 

Excel PT offers effective Astym therapy for your injuries and medical conditions

Keen to find out what Astym therapy is able to do for you? Our team at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy is experienced with using this therapy technique to help people. We can do a free screening to pinpoint what issue you’re dealing with and determine if Astym therapy can help you. Then, our therapists can combine this and other therapy methods into a treatment plan designed to fit your unique needs. 

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