What does a women’s health physical therapist do?

What a Women’s Health Physical Therapist Does

It’s been reported that there are actually more women in the U.S. than men. Statistics show that this report is accurate. In fact, one analysis of U.S. census data shows that there were almost 166 million women in this country in 2017 compared to about 159 million men. A 2018 analysis of U.S. population data also shows that almost 31 million U.S. women are 50 years old or older. 

Women’s health physical therapists are likely to have a huge call for their services based on these statistics. But what exactly is it that a women’s health physical therapist does? 

What a women’s health physical therapist can do for you

Women’s health physical therapists can do many things for women. They can help treat a variety of soft tissue and bone injuries. These specialists also assist women who are dealing with pregnancy complications. This could include helping them with pelvic pain the pregnancy causes, among other issues. Women’s health physical therapists offer treatment for conditions that are more likely to affect women, such as: 

  • Osteoporosis — There are an estimated 10 million Americans who have osteoporosis. Of this total, about 80% are women. This condition causes the body to take calcium and other minerals from your bones. In turn, the leaching of bone minerals increases bone brittleness, and it often leads to an increased risk of breaking a bone. Women’s health therapy specialists can help educate you on lifestyle changes that can help with this condition. They can help you find therapeutic exercises that benefit your bones as well. 
  • Fibromyalgia — This condition is estimated to affect approximately 4 million Americans. Additionally, it’s reported that women are twice as likely to develop fibromyalgia than men. A women’s health therapist can build you an individualized treatment plan for fibromyalgia. This plan could include therapy techniques like manual therapy, aquatic therapy and Kinesio Taping®, as all these have proven helpful for this condition. 

Find out what a women’s health physical therapist at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy can do for you

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