What techniques are used in physical therapy after meniscus surgery?

Physical Therapy After Meniscus Surgery

Knee surgery isn’t something that anyone wants to undergo, but you may not have a choice if you have an injured meniscus. 

The menisci are two C-shaped pieces of cartilage in the knee, and they’re found between the thigh- and shinbones. Unfortunately, there aren’t any blood vessels near the inner part of the menisci. This means large or awkwardly placed injuries may not heal without surgery. 

Physical therapy is typically used to help patients recover after meniscus surgery. This type of physical therapy, which can include many techniques, can be very beneficial. 

Three techniques that are often used in physical therapy plans after meniscus surgery:

  1. Manual therapy — Any technique that involves physical therapists placing their hands on you falls into the manual therapy category. There are several types of manual therapy that may be used on your knee after meniscus surgery. 

Joint mobilization may be used to help improve the flexibility and range of motion in your knee joint. Patella mobilization may also be used to ensure that the kneecap is moving normally. 

  1. Therapeutic exercise — Physical therapy plans after meniscus surgery can also seek to improve the strength and flexibility of muscles that support the affected knee. Therapeutic exercises are often used to meet this goal. 

Some of the exercises your physical therapist prescribes will focus on increasing quadriceps, hamstring and calf muscle strength. Others will be used to improve flexibility in these same muscles. 

  1. Aquatic therapy — This type of therapy takes place in a heated pool. Aquatic therapy is unique because it allows physical therapists to use water’s natural characteristics to benefit their patients. 

For instance, water naturally resists movement. Physical therapists use this characteristic to provide resistance for therapeutic exercises without using weights or resistance bands. Water is also naturally compressive, which can help naturally reduce swelling. 

Find effective physical therapy after meniscus surgery at Excel PT

Need to get in some physical therapy after a meniscus surgery? Our Excel Sports & Physical Therapy team is primed to help you find effective post-surgical rehab. We can build you a therapy plan that’s personalized to your needs. This plan will also be designed to reduce your pain and speed up your post-surgery recovery. In addition, we offer pre-surgical rehab that can help prepare your knee for surgery. 

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