Why are my fingers swollen and sore?

Why Are My Fingers Swollen

Sometimes it’s easy to understand why your fingers are swollen and sore, such as after they get shut in a door. Other times, you might not know exactly why you have these symptoms in your fingers. 

You can rest assured that you aren’t the only person dealing with finger swelling and pain. One medical study reports that up to 26% of the general population is typically living with hand or wrist pain. Issues that trigger pain in your hands can also cause your fingers to swell. 

Figuring out why your fingers are swollen and painful is something that a physical therapist can help you with. In addition, they can create a unique treatment plan for your finger pain. 

Three reasons why your fingers are swollen and sore:

  1. A finger injury — Our hands and fingers are involved in many of the tasks we do every day. This can leave them open to a wide range of injuries. For instance, a fractured finger bone can lead to significant pain and swelling. Injuries to finger ligaments and tendons can also lead to these symptoms. 
  1. Arthritis — The hand and fingers contain many joints, and these joints can gradually wear out over time and become inflamed. When this happens, it’s called hand osteoarthritis. Typically, hand osteoarthritis sufferers will experience long-term pain and swelling. They may also have more difficulty doing normal daily activities. 
  1. Lymphedema — Swelling is caused by a buildup of lymph in a specific area of the body. Often, this buildup is the body’s natural reaction to an injury, but it can also occur when part of the lymphatic system is damaged or not working as it should. In these situations, patients are said to have lymphedema. People with this issue tend to have extensive swelling and soreness in the affected area. 

Find out why your fingers are swollen and sore and get these symptoms treated at Excel PT

Still not sure exactly why your fingers are sore and swollen? No problem! Our Excel Sports & Physical Therapy team can perform a free screening on you to determine the cause of your symptoms. After that, we can build you a customized physical therapy plan designed to reduce your pain and swelling. 

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