Why do I have a stabbing pain in the side of my foot?

Stabbing Pain in Foot Side

There are far more answers to this question than most people realize, and it would be overwhelming to go through all the possibilities on your own. One medical professional who can help you figure out why you have a stabbing pain in the side of your foot is a physical therapist. 

Pain in the side of the foot is also called lateral foot pain. Foot pain is an issue that’s common in Americans — it’s reported that 24% of U.S. adults experience frequent foot pain. A physical therapist can help you find out what’s causing your lateral foot pain; they can also help you find effective treatment options for your foot pain. 

Five common causes of lateral foot pain

A comprehensive evaluation can help your physical therapist determine the cause of the stabbing pain in the side of your foot. They may examine your feet and how you walk as part of your evaluation. Taking a look at your footwear and asking questions about your daily routine will also likely be included in your evaluation. 

Some of the issues that your evaluation might reveal include: 

  1. Peroneal tendinitis
  2. Corns or calluses
  3. Bunions
  4. Osteoarthritis
  5. Ankle sprains

What can a physical therapist do to treat the stabbing pain in the side of your foot?

A physical therapist has many options when it comes to treating lateral foot pain. The options that they include in your therapy program will depend on the cause of your pain. A few of the common techniques involved in foot pain therapy plans are: 

  • Astym® therapy designed to break down old deposits of scar tissue. 

Want to find effective physical therapy for your lateral foot pain? Excel PT can help!

One of the services that our Excel Sports & Physical Therapy team offers is foot pain therapy, and this includes services that can help people treat stabbing pain in the side of their foot. We’ll start by doing a free screening to determine the cause of your pain. Then, our physical therapists will build you an individualized therapy plan designed to reduce your current pain and prevent future pain. Even better, we can help you get care from home thanks to our at-home care and virtual therapy services. 

Contact our team today for more information about our treatment services for foot pain or to schedule an initial appointment.