Why physical therapists use manual therapy to help get you running again after an ACL injury

Running After ACL Injury

Your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an important structure of connective tissue in your knee joint. It helps stabilize the knee, but can be torn from rigorous athletic activities. This is why ACL injuries are common among athletes. Ignoring a torn ACL can lead to worsening the injury. Seeking help from a physical therapist can help reduce the pain from a torn ACL and can help you get back on your feet with confidence. 

Are you wondering how to safely start running after an ACL injury? Learn how physical therapists can use manual therapy techniques to help get you running again after an ACL injury. 

How can physical therapy help you run after an ACL injury?

For athletes eager to get back on their feet, physical therapy might be the best option for treating a torn ACL. The knee pain after this kind of injury can be severe, and running can aggravate even an old injury. This is because damaging your knee can cause scar tissue that affects your joint mobility. That’s why physical therapists may treat your torn ACL with manual therapy. This common approach can help the flexibility in your knee after you’ve torn your ACL.

What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy refers to a variety of different hands-on techniques used in physical therapy. One form of manual therapy, known as soft tissue mobilization, can be effective in treating a torn ACL. Even after an ACL injury is healed, you may find your knee to be tight and your movement to be restricted. This could be caused by scar tissue that is left over after your injury. A physical therapist will use specialized techniques to break up this problematic scar tissue and stimulate blood flow to the soft tissue in your knee. This can help healing and improve your knee’s range of motion. 

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy is ready to help you get running again

Are you eager to start running again after you’ve torn your ACL but worried about worsening the injury? Physical therapy can help. Our specialists at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy are experts in treating ACL injuries. We are prepared to build you a personalized treatment plan that addresses the severity of your ACL injury. 

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