Why work conditioning is important in occupational therapy

Work Conditioning Benefits in Occupational Therapy

There are several aspects of occupational therapy. However, there’s one part in particular you’ll want included in your therapy, and that’s work conditioning. Luckily, there’s a physical therapy team in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area who can help you with this kind of therapy.

Excel Sports and Physical Therapy has a team who is here to assist you with all your physical therapy needs. We’ve been proudly helping patients in the St. Louis, Missouri area for more than 30 years. All of this experience has helped us create many of our most helpful services. One example of a helpful, experience-based service we offer is occupational therapy, and this service includes the benefits of work conditioning.

The benefits of having work conditioning in your occupational therapy

Occupational therapy at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy is made up of three parts. The first part of this service is work injury recovery. It’s during this part of your therapy that we help your injury heal with physical therapy. The second part of this physical therapy service is work hardening. In this portion of your therapy, you’ll be actively getting yourself back in the physical shape required for your job with vigorous therapeutic exercises.

Thirdly, our work injury therapy service includes a component called work conditioning. Work conditioning takes place after your injury recovery but before you start your work hardening. It involves you performing tasks similar to what you performed every day at your job. For instance, we may have you practice typing if you had an office job. Our team might have you type for ten minutes during each of your work conditioning sessions. Then, we’d have you move on to practicing other tasks you did at work.

This type of conditioning can have several specific benefits for you, such as:

  • Getting your body used to work tasks again in a gentle manner
  • Allowing us to see if you’re doing tasks in a way that could lead to re-injury
  • Helping you find better ways to perform your work tasks

In addition to these three benefits, the work conditioning part of our occupational therapy service may have an even bigger benefit for you, like helping you get back to work sooner.

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