Why you should see a physical therapist to treat arthritis pain in Warrenton, MO

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a long-lasting condition that causes pain in the joints and limits their range of motion. Life with arthritis can be hard, but there are treatments that help make it better.

Treatments for arthritis look different for everyone depending on the type of arthritis and its severity. One treatment that is beneficial for many people with arthritis is physical therapy. 

How can physical therapy treat arthritis pain?

  • Physical therapy helps reduce and prevent pain — Physical therapists have several methods for preventing and reducing pain. Primarily, they guide you through therapeutic exercises and stretches. These help improve your strength and flexibility to reduce pressure off the arthritic joints, which can reduce pain.
    They may also use techniques like manual therapy and dry needling to reduce and prevent pain.
  • Physical therapy can improve your range of motion — Since arthritis damages the cartilage, it can be difficult for you to move your joints. Physical therapists can help you improve the flexibility of your muscles and soft tissue to improve your range of motion in the affected joints.
  • Physical therapy can reduce your need for medication — Treating pain with medication can impact your quality of life with undesirable side effects. Physical therapists can treat your arthritis pain so that you may not need to rely as much on medication.
  • Physical therapy can reduce the need for surgery — Arthritis can advance to the point of damaging your cartilage so badly that you need surgery. The problem with surgery is that it’s risky and has long and painful recovery times. Physical therapists can help improve your condition so that you may not need surgery to treat your arthritis pain. 

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