ASTYM® therapy in Wentzville, MO

Why You Need ASTYM® Therapy

One of the primary causes of pain in the human body is scar tissue. Scar tissue builds up around injured or damaged tissue during recovery. It is stiff and causes tension and restricts your range of motion.

Treatments for breaking down or preventing scar tissue are very helpful in reducing and preventing pain. There are different treatment options depending on your condition and needs as an individual. One treatment method we use with many of our patients at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy in Wentzville, Missouri is ASTYM therapy.

What is ASTYM therapy?

ASTYM therapy is a treatment for reducing pain that primarily focuses on breaking down scar tissue on your joints, muscles and connective tissues.

Your physical therapist will assess your condition to determine the likely source of pain. He or she will use ASTYM tools to help locate and work out scar tissue. These ergonomic tools can glide across your skin to promote the breakdown of scar tissue and the engagement of your muscles.

ASTYM therapy also includes the use of exercises and stretches to help work out the scar tissue and strengthen the muscles and soft tissues.

Is ASTYM therapy painful?

After an ASTYM session, you may have some sore muscles. This is the result of your body healing itself from the broken down scar tissue and rebuilding healthy tissue. You may also notice some redness after the treatment due to increased blood flow, but this is a temporary effect.

The treatment itself might be slightly uncomfortable since you’re pushing your body to break down scar tissue, but it shouldn’t be painful. Your physical therapist will be able to determine your limits and adjust your ASTYM treatment accordingly.

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Have you recently been injured or undergone a surgery that is causing the buildup of scar tissue? ASTYM therapy may be what you need for reducing pain and restoring mobility. Our physical therapists at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy can determine if you’re a good candidate for ASTYM therapy and other treatments. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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