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Astym Therapy

Astym® therapy is a rehabilitation treatment that helps to regenerate healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.) and eliminate or reduce unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions. Astym therapy is commonly used in physical therapy clinics to address a variety of conditions and is particularly beneficial for patients recovering from surgery, suffering from overuse injuries, or dealing with chronic conditions.

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Astym Treatment to Treat Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue damage may not be a term you always hear, but it’s a condition that is more common than you think. Whenever a muscle or ligament in the body is overstretched, torn or damaged in any way, soft tissue and scar tissue can form. Most of the time, the tissue forms without being noticed. However, in some instances, soft tissue or scar tissue can build within a torn or damaged ligament and press against a nearby nerve in the body. When this happen, pain happens.

With the advancement of the Astym soft tissue can now be targeted and reduced naturally to help relieve pain and promote healing within the muscles and tendons.

What is Astym treatment and how does it work?

Astym treatment focuses on resolving the built-up soft tissue in the tendons, ligaments and muscles in order to align the collagen fibers properly and rebuild the natural scaffolding. This treatment is performed by pushing a special instrument against your skin, along the pathway of your damaged ligament/muscle. As the instrument moves over the soft tissue build up, it will feel like a small bump beneath your skin. Once this area is identified, your physical therapist can focus on breaking up the soft tissue build up in order to relieve your pain.

The second step of the Astym® treatment is to follow a specialized stretching routine to help loosen the damaged muscle and relieve pain. By stretching, you are moving your muscles and ligaments into proper alignment, which can help to reduce the amount of soft tissue build up in that area.

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